Harry and Hagrid are leaving Ollivander's

Diagone Alley is were you can buy many things, like spells and people. The Leaky cauldron is also here, alowing you to do free play.

Wiseacree's Wizarding EquipmentEdit

This is were you can buy spells. On the upper level is were you can enter cheat codes. Spells that have a cheat code are: Accio, Anteoculatia, Calvoria, Engorgio skullus, Entomorphis, Flipendo, Glacius, Herbifors, Incarerous, Locomotor Mortis, Multicorfors, Redactum Skullus, Rictusempra, Slugus Erecto, Stupefy, Tarantallegra, and Trip Jinx.


Lego-harry-potter-3-alley entrance

Hagrid and Harry Going to Diagone Alley(level)

Gringots is the lego builder and bonus levels, which a certain number of gold bricks are needed to open. Each Bonus level is unique. On the first Bonus level you have to get 1,000,000 lego studs to open a door, which allows accsess to the gold brick needed to finish the level, and you keep the money, making it a good way to get the money to buy stuff like spells and extra's. This is especialy usefull when you're low on money.

Madam Malkin's Robes for all ocassion'sEdit

On the first floor is were you can buy the charecters you unlock so you can play them in free play or by using the polyjuice potion. If you buy a charecter but can't find it in your charecter que, wait a few seconds because some charecters share a spot with another charecter or have another kind(Cedirc has Cedric Digery, Cedric[lake task], Cedric[Dragon task], and Cedric[Maze Task])