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Harry PotterEdit

Lego Harry Potter is different than most other charachters. For example, on the first level harry has no magic at all, but Hagid does.
Harry potter, lego

Harry ( Dragon Task)

After Harry recieves it, you can use the invsibility cloak, enabling him to sneak past prefects and teachers. Through out the years you can unlock spells and costumes for Harry. An example of one is Expecto Pratronem. And as Draco Malfoy locks harry out of Lupins classroom, he never learns ridikulus.

Harry's SpellsEdit


Harry(center), Ron(left), and Hermine(right)

Harry will learn many spells through the years You can by jinxes at Wizard Wizacree' Wizard Supplies indiagon ally(from leacky cauldron). Some of the spells he learns are:

Wingardium Leviosa- Levitate and build objects in midair

Lumos and Lumos solem- Make light to see dark and shadowy areas and to kill plants

Imobulus- Learned in second year, imobilizes whatever it hits, including people!

Expecto pratronem- Effectless on humans, kills dementors and bogarts near Harry

Reducto- Destroys any immobil objects, only thing to destroy metal objects

Expilluarmus- Disarms who it hits, taking spells from who it hits temporariy.

Invisibility Cloak- Allows Harry to sneak past prefects and teachers.